My Dear Rotary Family,

With the motto "First the comrade, then the road"; COME LET'S MEET LET'S MAKE IT EASY We invite you to Antalya Xanadu Hotel between 01 - 03 March 2024. We would like to invite you to our BES and Assembly. Every semester is a new beginning, a new excitement, brand new hopes for the future. means… After a long time, we have held our BES and Assemblies in the past years. We are returning to our hotel and looking forward to experiencing this excitement with you. Mersin Rotary, which duly hosts many regional organizations The preparations made by our club to give you an unforgettable Assembly are: It increases our excitement. We will be holding our Presidents Training Seminar online throughout February. We will make it happen. However, our training will continue throughout our assembly and We will be with you with a full program that will prepare you for the new era. It is also a unique opportunity to meet our friends and establish new friendships. Please join us at our Regional Assembly. We are very pleased to see you among us at the first meeting of the 2024-25 term. We will hear. We offer our love and respect

Uluslararası Rotary 2430. Bölge
2024-2025 Dönem Guvernörü ve Eşi
My Dear Rotary Family,

Mersin Rotary by our esteemed Incoming Governor Kerem Muradi Club for the Bes&Assemble organization to be held on 01-03 March 2024. has been assigned. As Mersin Rotary Club, future regional officers, presidents, who will come from all over our region with their secretaries and treasurers. We look forward to hosting the Rotary Family. To update our Rotary information, increase our acquaintances and satisfy our longings. To have fun, we will invite our entire Rotary Family to Xanadu Hotel, Belek, on 01-03 March 2024. We invite you to Antalya. Rotarian With Love and Regards.

Rtn. Burak Hosta
Bes ve Asamble Organizasyon
Komite Başkanı
Rtn. Rujdan Doğan
Mersin Rotary Kulübü
2023-24 Dönem Başkanı


UR 2430. Bölge BES & ASAMBLE Contact Information

Organizing Committee

Rtn. Burak Hosta
Asamble Committee Chairman 2023-2024
Gsm: (533) 332 25 90

Rtn. Rujdan Doğan
2023-24 Club president
Gsm: (532) 412 71 55

Rtn. Hakan Kunt
Asamble secretary
Gsm: (534) 598 99 92

Rtn. Tarkan Kandır
Asamble treasurer
Gsm: (553) 268 51 82

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